November 17, 2018

Welcome to the Dothan Brook School Library and Media Center!

The library

The Dothan Brook School library services about 250 students in grades pre-k through 5th. Students have a scheduled time each week to visit the library, hear a story, and check out a book. Older kids who have demonstrated responsible library behavior are often allowed to come more often to exchange books several times a week.

At the library students also learn about online citizenship, digital safety, and the basics coding and robotics. This year we will also be introducing enrichment classes to further extend students' learning in areas of media and digital citizenship.

For regular updates about the library, photos of kids and projects, and lots more, please check out the Library Blog!  If you have any comments or questions or books suggestions or just want to say hi, I'd love to hear from you!  Email me at or call 802-295-8647.Save
Library Blog

For regular updates on what's going on in the library, photos of kids and projects, and lots of links and other great resources, come visit the Library Blog!

Library Schedule
PreK - PM
1 Burriss
3 Raney

1 Atwater
3 Underwood

2 Jenkyn
2 MacCallum
K Rydjeski
4 Blue

PreK - AM
K Schultz
4 Red
4 Red
5 McKenney
5 Burns
Web Resoursces